Experience of flying over 8000 meters

Klaus Ohlmann has mastered the art of riding the waves of high altitude jetstream winds

in order to achieve supreme length of journey in a glider.

Journey over the top

Klaus begins at Pokhara Airport in a Stemme S10VT glider, the very same plane used to make the first historic pass over Everest in 2014. Onboard cameras are used for spectacular footage throughout, and the double cockpit allows a 360° view of the mountains.

Ferrari of the air

From Pokhara the route heads to the Kali Gandaki gorge, ascending to an altitude of 6000m after which the motor is stopped and this high performance glider climbs on the thermals to the higher jetstream where it really becomes a Ferrari of the air.

Mother of the universe

Now Klaus soars towards the Everest massif itself to circle Quomohmgma, the mother of the universe according tlie Tibetan Buddhists, and the triumvirate of mountains which also includes Lhotse and Nuptse. Continuing eastwards this remarkable journey visits the third highest peak on the planet Kanchenjunga before descending back to the lowlands and landing again at Pokhara.

Cost: Price for the 8 days adventure is on request. Clients would visit Nepal for a two week period, staying in a top hotel, during which there would be up to five days of gliding around the Annapurna region acclimatizing to the flying and gaining experience with being in the plane, culminating in the special flight over the main 8000m mountains detailed above.