How is this experience different to 'normal' glider flights in Nepal?

Local microlights and paragliding companies offer short flights up to 4000m in a restricted area near the Annapurna range. We have the special authorization to fly much further throughout the Himalayan range.

Our experience is in a specially built glider which can fly much higher and has the highly specialized oxygen systems on board to fly over 8000 metres. There is very little comparison between standard microlight trips and this unique gliding experience which requires world class skills to fly in such a demanding environment.


What insurance would I need for this flight?

Clients are covered in pilot's passenger insurance, details will be taken prior to the trip and an additional amount applied to the trip cost for the premium.


What is the best time of year to do this adventure?

The best time is from the beginning of November to the end of February when the jetstream is needed for flying at such high altitudes.


What would be the broad itinerary?

Clients would visit Nepal for a two week period, staying in a top hotel, during which there would be up to five days of gliding around the Annapurna region acclimatizing to the flying and gaining experience with being in the plane, culminating in the special flight over the main 8000m mountains detailed above.

Weather and wind conditions need to be perfect for the main flight over the 8000m peaks but during the months of November to March there is a very good likelihood of having those conditions within two weeks. lf not then the client would have the right to repeat the flight in following months.


What requirements are expected of me?

There are no special requirements for this experience but a medical examination is advised in case of any special risk to altitude exposure. Each individual will talk with Klaus before booking to discuss the particulars of the flight and any issues relating to specific health issues.


What safety measures are taken, what training is provided and what type of equipment is provided?

The safety of the glider is paramount and Klaus Ohlmann is in charge of the integrity of the plane. There will be briefings and preliminary training is provided in the use of the oxygen system on board the glider. There will also be up to four preliminary flights in the Pokhara region first of all before embarking on the main Himalayan trip.


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